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Deals on handpicked books as seen on 4th Feb.

Grab them before they are gone!

The Bachman Books

The three novels written by the master of horror, Stephen King, under the Pseudoname Richard Bachman.For years people speculated that it was King, and they were right

 Rs: 799  269 (66% off)

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The Power of your Subconscious Mind

Make your subconscious your friend and achieve anything you want. Change your habits, remove mental blocks and much more

Rs 199  77 (61% off)

To Kill a Mockingbird

Pulitzer Prize winning book, ranked ahead of Bible in "every adult should read before they die" this book was also adapted into an oscar winning film.

Rs 399  160 (60% off)

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The Hidden Oracle: The Trials of Apollo - Book 1

4000 year old God Apollo is banished to new york as a teenager after he angers his Father Zeus. Powerless, he must protect himself from his enemies and regain Zeus's favor.
Written by award winning author , the book is rated 4.6/5 by readers

Rs 599  208 (65% off)

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Double Down (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book )

Latest book in the best selling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series which has sold over 165 million copies world wide.Part of Amazon Best reads and a Best seller

Rs 399  199 (50% off)

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