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Must Read book for Startups | Growth Hacking your Startup

Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth

This book teaches you how to get Traction: Simple

This book focuses on to-the point actionable insights into growth hacking your startup and getting that elusive traction.

Key points

  1. Splitting time between marketing and product. Don’t get hung over just Product
  2. Bulls Eye framework: Find and double down on the BEST traction channels for your startup
  3. Discussion on 19 Different Traction channels

Yes, 19 different channels(No kidding). If you are a startup founder, just pick up this book and treat it like a tutorial on getting traction.

There are 19 different channels explained with step by step guide on how to tap them. Pick the ones you think may work and just go with them.

No Faff, No Jargon, No Fluff, no flowery language–

An action packed book, just like your startup

This is a must read book for startups


We bought it for INR 637. Prices have since fallen below 500. Grab it before it shoots up again






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