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Jazz up your reading area with this supercool DIY Cloud Lamp-Easy

If you are a bookaholic, your reading area is your sanctuary, your temple.It is probably filled with books, a bookshelf, your favorite chair and tons of bookmarks dangling from many unfinished books,

Let us help you jazz it up with an amazingly cool Cloud Lamp. This is probably the easiest DIY Cloud lamp you could make with such stunning results.

How to Make your Own Cloud Lamp: DIY 

What do you need?

  • 1 Paper Lantern
  • Cotton
  • Led Lights(Diwali/Christmas/Chinese lights)
  • Glue

Step 1

Get a  Paper Chinese lantern of the size you want your cloud to be. They should be available at  very cheap prices at your local stationary shop or, at various shops selling Diwali/New years/Christmas lights.

Open the lantern

Step 2:

Take out large chunks of cotton from the cotton roll and start fluffing it up.

Step 3

Put a generous amount of glue on the Chinese lantern and stick the fluffed up cotton on it. It should start looking like a cloud.

Make sure the cotton cover is slightly uneven to give it a more cloudy look

Step 4

If you want a larger setup, you can use multiple lanterns of varying sizes

Step 5

Get those LED lights (Christmas/Diwali/New years) and  insert them inside the lantern

Step 6

Hang the lantern(Or lanterns if you created multiple) at a place of your choice and switch On your LED lights.

Your Cloud Light is ready

Tip: Try to get battery operated LED lights to avoid the ugly power wire coming from your cloud. Electricity operated are also cool

Alternate: You can also use old water bottles and even the 15-liter bottle for this. You may have to hang it via a rope or something strong like a fishing line to hang it(Hang them horizontally)

Here is a video explaining the procedure
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The one with Multiple Clouds








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